About us

TanX Transport Inc. is a transportation company that provides its customers with great security, facilities, speed, etc. We strive to achieve what no other transportation company can possibly provide its customers with and that is the 'entire package'. That includes Security, Safety, Reliability, and Speed.

We offer a personal touch in client relationships and a dynamic working environment. We take pride in the professionalism and efficiency of our staff and drivers. All employees and clients are treated with the utmost respect and are encouraged to develop their own initiatives.

Meeting and going beyond your transportation requirements between Canada and key US cities is a core service of our company. We have the resources, technology, coverage and capacity to meet your every need. Using our own tractors and trailers allows TanX Transport Inc.. to maintain the highest level of quality control insuring safe, reliable and timely transport of our customer's important loads.

Our Mission

At TanX Transport Inc. our mission is to succeed where no other can. This means providing reliability & security to all of our loyal customers while also efficiently offering quality solutions that will enhance your company's bottom line.

TanX Transport Inc. exceeds our customer's expectations in the transportation of goods. We deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in transportation and logistics.

Our Team

Employs only experienced drivers with a clean driving record and who have passed our driving test. We also require them to participate in on-going training programs. Our drivers are treated as professionals and as a result, our driver turnover is extremely low. Not only are our drivers concerned with driving safety, but the safety of your cargo as well.


Quick Contact

    Business Office:
            46 Sleepy Meadow Drive, Caledon L7C 3S7 Canada

    905-495-1313 / 905-495-1318

Fax No.     905-495-1315